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Transport Rule condition based on message header Reply-To is not working

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  • Transport Rule condition based on message header Reply-To is not working

    It seems pretty straight forward but, for the life of me, just is not working.

    The rule I want is:

    Apply rule to messages
    when the '"Reply-To"' contains '[email protected]'
    Blind carbon copy (Bcc) the message to '[email protected]'

    The [email protected] address is a mail-enabled SharePoint List; it has its associated mail contact in exchange.

    Windows Live Mail has an IMAP account configured where the "exchange account" is [email protected]. The IMAP account is configured to set the Reply-To value to [email protected].

    It appears the rule is not being triggered based on its condition.

    In addition to the above, I am not having any luck with a second action, again based on the same Reply-To value, ideally I also need to rewrite the From ([email protected]) to be the value we have in the Reply-To.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: When I have the IMAP account configured with the from address of [email protected] (no need to populate the Reply-To field) and use the mydomain\partners credentials for both the IMAP and SMTP server authentication, I was able to do what I want, but only when sending emails to internal users. In this case, the above transport rule was simply using the "From people" condition.

    EDIT: This is being configured on an Exchange 2010 SP1 server.
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