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Migration plug-in install question

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  • Migration plug-in install question

    Anyone know when a good time to install those is? I need to install Symantec Mail Security for Exchange and GFI Mail Essentials on our new 2010 SP1 server and I am just about done moving mailboxes.


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    Re: Migration plug-in install question

    if you even choose to.. (sembee in particular is pretty anti-AV on mail servers)

    however, in the evenings, when noone needs th server. so it can reboot
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      Re: Migration plug-in install question

      Wouldn't catch me installing Symantec's excuse for an AV product on to any Exchange servers. GFI ME isn't bad. Personally I would put GFI Mail Security on there as well, particularly if you have Symantec everywhere else - then you might have a chance of catching something.

      I am not completely against AV on Exchange servers, just as long as it is configured correctly and isn't made by Symantec.

      Although all the time Symantec keep creating crap products that uses more resources than Exchange, it keeps me in business. I have picked up many clients where Symantec has caused a significant performance hit on Exchange. Saved them money as well!

      If you must install it, do so out of hours and then reboot immediately. Then say bye bye to the spare resources.

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        Re: Migration plug-in install question

        ok, that's good to know... then I guess I will wait till I am done to do the installation to make troubleshooting easier.

        we both on the same server one for A/V (Symantec) and the other for spam filtering (GFI).

        thanks again!