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Exchange and IIS problems

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  • Exchange and IIS problems

    Hi @all,

    Sadly Iím experiencing the following problems in our organization:

    - Outlook clients only wants to connect to Exchange 2007 into our network. As soon I try it for example from home it wonít be able to connect anymore
    - Our MACís (Snow Leopard newest version) keeps asking for passwords by entering the mail program. Of course we filled out the password correctly

    What I noticed by myself is an IIS reset (iisreset /noforce) will solve the 2nd problem for 10 minutes max. My feeling is problem 1 has also to do something with IIS. Sadly Iím no real expert with IIS.

    Thanks in advance for your hints/feedback.

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    Re: Exchange and IIS problems

    Have you enabled Outlook Anywhere?
    Have you got a commercial SSL certificate in place?

    I would suggest that you create a test account and then use the Microsoft test site to verify functionality at

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