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Possibly Stupid question about 2003 to 2010 Exchange upgrade

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  • Possibly Stupid question about 2003 to 2010 Exchange upgrade

    Hi all. I've gone through the prerequisite processes to get ready for our upgrade of our single server Exchange 2003 environment to an Exchange 2010 environment. I've got the the new 64bit 2008 server box stood up and ready to install Exchange on it. I've patched it, got .net 3.5, and got powershell v2. AD's forest and domain structure have already been prepped to the exchange 2010 and Windows server 2008 version.

    So now onto my question. Can I just go ahead and install Exchange 2010 during business hours? Or should I expect a load of grief from the Exchange 2010 trying to "take everything over"? I've gone through to try and see what to expect with this. Should I expect the install to finish and then reboot the machine and still have the 2003 in control of everything? Then be able to migrate role ownership from the 2003 box to the 2010 box? Or will the 2010 box assume those ownership of everything as part of the install.

    I hope this makes sense, and maybe I'm over analyzing things. I just wanted to float this out there before I took the plunge.



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    Re: Possibly Stupid question about 2003 to 2010 Exchange upgrade

    The only thing that can catch people out is outbound email routing.
    Ensure that you have an SMTP Connector on Exchange 2003, otherwise Exchange 2010 takes over that.

    Otherwise the impact on Exchange is zero if installed in production hours.

    If you are using Outlook 2007 or higher as clients, then they may well start getting SSL prompts, so you should look to install the commercial SSL certificate as soon as possible.

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      Re: Possibly Stupid question about 2003 to 2010 Exchange upgrade

      Thanks Sembee for getting back to me about this. Yeah we do have an SMTP connector setup on the 2003 box. See we have a pop forwarding agent that we use to go out and pull down email from a general mailbox that our ISP hosts for us. This software is loaded on the 2003 server and pulls the email down and runs it through exchange which then sorts out the email for the individual recipients. In the past this has limited our exposure to the outside and allowed for our ISP to virus scan and spam filter our emails as they come in so that by the time it gets to our exchange box with it's virus and spam scanning software the messages have been reviewed twice.

      In the end I want to replace this whole pop forwarding thing. I'm going to put a mail filter/gateway between the exchange server and the outside and want to do that after I get all the mailboxes transferred to the new exchange 2010 server.

      And as for the certificates, I've run into issues with that before for another Exchange install for another domain like this. We used a self signed certificate that we'd renew each year since the only clients are internal. We'll probably do that over here with this install as well. The only problem that we noticed was with the stupid but I eventually figured it out.


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        Re: Possibly Stupid question about 2003 to 2010 Exchange upgrade

        it's worth just paying for a certificate, don't bother with self-signed.

        with regards AV and anti-spam engines, consider something like Mimecast.. ? Get rid of the pop3 connector ASAP!

        (ps - your question wasn't at all stupid)
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