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Exchange 2010 adding Mailbox Server

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  • Exchange 2010 adding Mailbox Server

    Hello all.

    I am running Exchange 2010 SP1 with all the roles on a single server. We had been operating in a mixed mode during our transition to Exchange 2010 at the end of last year. After the competition of the transition, everything had been running smoothly.

    Recently, we have decided to add a Mailbox server, to house our archive mailboxes.

    When running through the installer, it fails. It references that it cannot find the legacy GWART.

    I have went back and inspected our configuration. I can't find any lingering 2K3 items... but I suspect my system still believes they should be there.

    Any help in advance is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Exchange 2010 adding Mailbox Server

    Run the Best Practises analyser from the toolbox. That will tell you if anything is major wrong. Did you go through the complete process to remove Exchange 2003 as per the Technet article?

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      Re: Exchange 2010 adding Mailbox Server

      I am running the BPA now... I now have errors that refer to the new exchange box.
      These are all messages that have appeared after I tried deploying the second server, with the mailbox role.

      The only other warnings for my existing box, were certificate errors, stemming from the wild card cert.

      I went back over the technet article. I honestly believe I performed all the steps correctly. Its appears my lingering issue has to do with the routing groups... or my specific the configuration looking for the routing group....

      The msExchExchangeServer object 'CN=EX-02,CN=Servers,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Redmond,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=mydomain, DC=local' has the same 'FQDN' value () as another msExchExchangeServer object in the topology. This will cause network problems.

      'MailboxRole' is partially configured on server 'EX-02.mydomain.local'. Either setup is configuring it right now or setup failed while configuring it. Please rerun the setup if isn't being run.

      Then 'networkAddress' attribute for server EX-02 is either damaged or missing. This can cause service failures.

      The computer account for Exchange server EX-02.mydomain.local does not appear to contain the fully-qualified domain name of the Exchange server for the 'HOST' resource. This may cause Kerberos authentication to fail between servers. The tool expected to find 'HOST/%NCACNIPTCP%' in the 'servicePrincipalName'.


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        Re: Exchange 2010 adding Mailbox Server

        Resolved it.

        I added an object of the siteadress class under the first administrative group.