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No Edge Transport server and no appliance?

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  • No Edge Transport server and no appliance?

    Hello. We are upgrading our Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and I am puzzled by the Edge Transport Server. We do not have an appliance to block spam and viruses; we take care of that currently on our Exchange server. Can I go without the Edge server and if so, what do I use on my server to block spam and viruses? If I have to run an Edge server to do this job, that is what I will do, but I really don't want to!
    Thanks - Dave

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    Re: No Edge Transport server and no appliance?

    You don't need to have an Edge server. I don't think I have ever deployed one because I feel they are a waste of money.

    The Edge server doesn't block viruses on its own, it would still require an additional product - whether Microsoft forefront or something else.

    You can install the Microsoft antispam agents using a script after the installation of Exchange. However in most cases a third party tool is used. There are many on the market, and it is impossible to say which one will work for you. I have used every product on the market and everyone has worked really well for some, and badly for others.

    What I do say for AV is to get something different for Exchange than what you have on your desktops. That usually means either GFI Mail Security or Forefront - which are both multiple engine.

    For antispam, the products from the AV vendors are usually pretty bad, but you will have to evaluate them before purchasing. Anyone who posts in this question with comments about product X working well for them is of little value, because your email profile will be different.

    An Edge server, in my opinion, offers very little in the form of security. It simply allows you to put an Exchange server in a DMZ. I can do 90% of its functionality though using third party products, for a lot less than an Exchange licence.

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      Re: No Edge Transport server and no appliance?

      Simon, Thanks for the advice. That is the way we were leaning. Jumping from 2003 to 2010 is very frustrating!


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        Re: No Edge Transport server and no appliance?

        Just to add another opinion about Edge Server: We have several customers who uses this as a SMTP relay for Anti-Spam and -Virus satisfied including the company I'm working for.

        Since we have upgraded from Exchange 2007 Edge to Exchange 2010/ForefrontProtection 2010 for Exchange last year our incoming Spam is nearly zero and for anti-virus FrontfrontProtection is right now the best available solution imho.

        If you have ForfrontProtection for Exchange already licenced for the internal Exchange server it's just another Exchange 2010 Standard licence, which isn't that expansive, and one don't have to learn any other product then Exchange because the handling of a Edge server is realy easy if you know how to handle Exchange generally.