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  • New Exchange 2010 Server Build

    I'm about to build a new Exchange 2010 server on a HP DL360 G5 for our current domain, we already have a existing Exchange 2007 server. I was wondering what would be the best configuration of the disks.

    I was planning to go with 2 x 146GB mirrored drives Windows Systems
    2 x 146GB mirrored drives for the logfiles/system files
    4 x 300GBdisks (no redundancy) for the databases.

    The server will be protected by a backupexec server 2010, LCR not used.

    I ask because I have had quite a few of ther HP SAS disks fail and Im wondering whether to create a Raid 5 with the 300GB disks and have the DB's stored there.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: New Exchange 2010 Server Build

    IMHO RAIDing your data is an absolute requirement
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      Re: New Exchange 2010 Server Build

      i think the critical question here is:

      If your disks fail, resulting in a catastrophic failure of the databases, is it going to be a big problem?

      If it's not, then sure, use a non-redundant array.
      If it's going to be a problem, then use redundancy.

      I actually find it hard to beleive this is a serious question.
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        Re: New Exchange 2010 Server Build

        I know, is it April 1st again?

        Storage is cheap, and even if it wasn't RAID is necessary. And you definitely won't be using LCR, cos it's deprecated in Exchange 2010, you use DAGs now.
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          Re: New Exchange 2010 Server Build

          The configuration makes no sense unless you have multiple servers. Hard disks fail - it is just a matter of when. Even my home systems are all on RAID arrays.

          In the event of a failure, you will have to restore from a backup, then replay the transaction logs, and hope the backup was good. It is very common for the backup to report that it was successful, but when it comes to restore, it fails. A backup should be what you use as a last resort, in this configuration it would be your ONLY option because you haven't configured the server appropriately.

          You have said yourself that you have had drives fail, so why are you even contemplating this configuration?

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            Re: New Exchange 2010 Server Build

            Thanks for the responses. I thought Raid 5 would cause some performance issues but I agree having the system fully redundant would be better.

            Perhaps I should have phrased the original question slightly differently.


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              Re: New Exchange 2010 Server Build

              Use 6 disks, 300 GB RAID 1+0.
              You have nothing to loose