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  • Shared Mailboxes

    Ok, this is driving me crazy....

    I created a shared mailbox using the Exchange shell and the -shared command for a shared calendar. I have given two groups permissions to this mailbox. One group should have full access and the other group should have read only permissions. Everything was done via the shell.

    Nobody in either of those two groups can open the shared calendar. No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to work. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. If I add a single user via the add-mailboxpermission cmdlet with full access, it works right away giving them full access.

    Any thoughts? I have been trying to figure this out over the past 5 or 6 days searching everywhere for answers.


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    Re: Shared Mailboxes

    is the group a mail-enabled group ? ie, is it a group that Exchange management console recognised ?
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      Re: Shared Mailboxes

      Sorry, the groups are domain security groups that I have multiple people members of. When using the add-mailboxpermission with the -user being one of those groups, I don't get any errors stating that there is a problem.

      If I do a get-mailboxpermissions, it shows the groups with the appropriate settings.

      I must be missing something small. Just not sure what it is.



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        Re: Shared Mailboxes

        How are you trying to open the calendar?
        If you want to add it to Outlook then the account/group also needs to have at least Reviewer permissions at the top of the tree.

        If you are just opening it via Open Other User's Folder then it should work with the permissions granted on the folder only.

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