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New domain on our Exchange

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  • New domain on our Exchange

    I've been tasked to explore the inclusion of a new domain to our Exchange server. A company currently using Google (no AD, no infractructure) with only 10 users needs to be integrated. Their e-mail addresses (naturally different domain then ours) would need to stay the same as they are now.

    We currently have a single domain (all on Windows 2008 R2) in our forest and are running Exchange 2010 SP1. There are 60 users.

    Which exact steps would I need to take to do this. Register a new domain? Create new MX records (probably not needed)? What needs to be done in our AD (if anything) and on the Exchange side.

    Later on, we'd probably add their PCs to the newly added domain, so I can manage them GPO... but this is part two. I'm just mentioning it in case this changes things.

    EDIT: I should mention some of them currently have accounts in our domain, since they're using an application (accessible from the internet) on one of our servers.
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    Re: New domain on our Exchange

    Change the MX records for their domain name to point to your mail server - look at the MX records for a domain that's already working if you're unsure. Configure Exchange to receive using the additional domain name - plenty of information online for that, Google "exchange 2010 receive additonal domain".

    Note that it will take some time for the changes to the MX records to propagate. Configure Exchange first and then after you update DNS, wait a few days before disabling the old system to ensure no incoming mail is lost.
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      Re: New domain on our Exchange

      1. configure Exchange to accept email for the relevant domain, based on, say, an OU Or group. (THat way, we ensure that only these users get this email address)

      2. Create te relevant OU or group, and create the relevant user objects to go in that group/OU

      3. Change the MX record from Googlemail to be your public IP address. Like GFI said, this will take up to 3 days.

      4. provide relevant logon details to the receipents

      5. maybe configure the pop3 collector tool to check google for the next 5-7 days to ensure no mail is lost.

      6. remove old google accounts.

      7. Profit
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        Re: New domain on our Exchange

        Thank you both for your reply. I'll test it out a bit and follow up with the result or additional question.