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Single Exchange domain with multiple geographic locations

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  • Single Exchange domain with multiple geographic locations


    I'm dealing with a company that has a headquarter overseas and branches in several countries. The company insists on having all mailboxes located in the HQ, and all users have the same addresses. I'm concerned when the remote site I'm managing has plenty of users (>100 very soon) with all incoming mail is delivered to the HQ and the users sending-receiving their email to the remote Exchange server over a site-to-site tunnel. What's the best practise in this case? Does it help to install a local hub transport server? Any solid argument to convince the company to move mailboxes to local Exchange servers? I'd appreciate any expert suggestions.



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    Re: Single Exchange domain with multiple geographic locations

    A local Hub Transport won't help because Outlook/Exchange users don't send their mail to the Hub Transport server. They submit it to the Mailbox server which then submits it to the Hub Transport server.

    Outlook configured for Cached Mode would be my simple recommendation, then its just a matter of making sure bandwidth/latency is sufficient for the number of remote users. Assuming also that you've factored in those users when you sized the server as well.
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      Re: Single Exchange domain with multiple geographic locations

      As the previous poster suggested, HT server at the remote site won't work.

      You'd need both a CAS & MB (and probably HT) role at the remote site.

      The other option, as also pointed out, is to just use Cached mode outlook across the WAN.

      in terms of arguments to support, you'd need to do some maths, and work out how much it costs to have those 100 users running in cached and non-cached mode.
      You'd then need to set this against the cost of setting up the new server (including relevant backups, disk space, licences, etc) and demonstrate how much you'd save in terms of bandwidth.
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