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Recovering edb file

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  • Recovering edb file

    We were running Exchange 2007 on Small Business Server 2003. The server died and for several reasons we were forced to set up a new SBS 2011 on a new server. We don't have the hardware to recreate our SBS 2003 environment, but I can use BackupExec on another server that does not have Exchange.

    Backups were done with BackupExec 11d to tape using the Exchange agent. Again, these tapes are not directly accessible to the new server.

    Is there any way to restore just the edb file to that server so that it can be moved to the new server and recovered?


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    Re: Recovering edb file

    Third party software only.
    There are various options that can extract the data for you.

    Natively, the only way would be to rebuild the environment exactly as it was before so you can restore the data.

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      Re: Recovering edb file

      Thanks for the reply. We have the software to extract the pst files that we need from the server edb file. What I can't find is the edb file on our BackupExec tapes. The only option seems to be to recover directly to an active Exchange database.

      We need to get the edb file from the tape and save it to the server. From there we can get the pst files.


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        Re: Recovering edb file

        BackupExec doesn't back up the edb files directly. It has an active file exclusion filter (changeable via the registry) that will exclude edb, mdf, ldf, and several other file types from the backups if the folders containing those files is included in your backup selection list. If you're looking for the edb files in your backups and you have no other backups then you're out of luck.
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          Re: Recovering edb file

          Thanks. Now I know why I can't find it.

          We do have the Exchange agent backups so the individual mailboxes are recoverable. I'll have to see if the company wants to go to the trouble of setting up another Exchange server, BackupExec, recover the needed mailboxes, and export pst files for the users.