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Exchange GAL issue multiple clients

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  • Exchange GAL issue multiple clients

    We have a number of clients who use our Exchange system, although we host their email systems, whomever set Exchange up used On Premises rather than Hosted. We find that users report being able to see all other clients details from the GAL. Exchange SP1 was meant to support multi-tenancy, but only in Hosted mode.

    Were we to look at changing to Hosted mode as an option, would it mean having rebuilding the exchange environment, or is there an easier way to transition?

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    Re: Exchange GAL issue multiple clients

    You will have to build everything fresh. You should have a new forest, domain, Exchange org etc. You shouldn't mix your own domain with a hosted domain.

    If you don't already, you will also have to sign an SPLA to licence it. Regular licencing isn't invalid for a hosted platform. Plus there are restrictions on Hosted Exchange mode - no public folders for example.

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