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emailing mindspring

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  • emailing mindspring

    exchagne 2007 sp3 on windowns 2003r2 sp2

    i have a user who has an external email account at mindspring. he tried to send a message to himself the email loops back to our corporate account. which is completely separate as far as i am aware of there are no forward on the account. I am dumbfounded as to why it happens because i can send something to say my yahoo account from my corporate account but not from his account. Makes no sense
    Please its hurting my head and i dond know what is causing this error. I bet its something dumb too

    thanks to all who reply

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    Re: emailing mindspring

    If it is bouncing back then it should have a message why.
    If it is being forwarded back then the user has probably configured a forward on the account.

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      Re: emailing mindspring

      Do you mean that:

      [email protected] sends an email to [email protected], but the email comes through to
      [email protected] instead of the intended address?

      What does the Message Tracker say in Exchange?


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        Re: emailing mindspring

        thank you all .. it was a no name account that was added to the users mailbox for no reason.. this has been resolved