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OWA 2007 is not working

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  • OWA 2007 is not working

    hi every buddy
    my case is
    i have exchange 2007 installed on win server 2003 r2 sp2
    since i have installed exchange 2007 the users internally use OWA , yesterday i found that the owa is not working

    the owa URL is ttps://dc8/owa
    where the DC8 is my exchange server
    the url become ttps://dc8/owa/auth/logon.aspx?url=https://dc8/owa&reason=0
    and the page can not be found appears with error 404

    i have restarted the iis
    i have removed the owa directory and recreated it
    but the same error exist
    so what do y think i should do to solve this problem

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    Re: OWA 2007 is not working

    what has changed recently?
    have you installed any new service packs, or oter aptches ?
    any new software?

    what happens if you try and browse the url from the host itself
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      Re: OWA 2007 is not working

      the only change was renewing the self assigned certificate
      and the owa was tested and it was working
      no service back installed


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        Re: OWA 2007 is not working

        As an aside, the server hostname suggests that it is a domain controller. Installing Exchange on a DC is not advisable, nor recommended by Microsoft, other than on SBS which you are not running.
        Gareth Howells

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          Re: OWA 2007 is not working

          no , it is not Domain Controller
          the name is dc8 as a strategy in my company only


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            Re: OWA 2007 is not working

            i have installed SP1 for exchange 2007

            and so i tried to access OWA and it works

            so SP1 solved my problem


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              Re: OWA 2007 is not working

              a) Please use a normal font
              b) Why are you just going to SP1 when SP3 has been out for some time now?
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                Re: OWA 2007 is not working

                ok i will do, and about SP3 is the next step
                thnx Ossian