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Question Regarding .local vs .com domain

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  • Question Regarding .local vs .com domain

    Hello all,

    I have a question (I hope simple) regarding .local versus .com for my business domain. In summary, is it a problem if NDR delivery reports or other mail servers see my server as servername.domainname.local instead of the public facing

    As an example, ATT blacklisted this system briefly yesterday (for another reason, I suspect) here is the message summary information:

    Generating server: servername.domainname.local

    [email protected] #521-publicipaddress blocked by 521 DNSRBL: Blocked for abuse. See http: // ##

    Original message headers:

    Received: from servername.domainname.local([fe80::78eb:eb56:6b52:2cb1]) by

    This is a newly built Windows 2008 server with Exchange 2007, and so far as I can tell I am not having any issues sending or receiving email, but I'm just nervous if this might cause me problems down the road. My reverse DNS for this IP address points to servername.domainname. com . I have all SSL certs going and working.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Question Regarding .local vs .com domain

    It is recommended not to use an Internet-valid TLD for your AD domain, so on that front, using .local is "correct".

    I don't think it'll cause you a *problem* having Exchange setup the way you have, but you can easily change the "publically visible" server name.
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      Re: Question Regarding .local vs .com domain

      I couldn't change my name because I was using the Default Receive connector to receive internet email (a big mistake!)

      I undid that, created a second Receive connector for Internet and then was easily able to change it.


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        Re: Question Regarding .local vs .com domain

        It doesn't matter whether you use a .local or a .com - even Microsoft can't make up their mind. Use what you like. You just have to be careful about DNS configuration, but that is all.

        I think almost every site I have deployed has used a real domain - I only use .local in lab environments.

        The header that you have posted will NOT be the cause of the blacklisting. That is the internal transfer of the message between the Exchange roles. The only part that any external hosts care about is the FQDN value on the Send Connector, which should ideally match the PTR on the IP address and resolve in DNS to the same IP address.

        It wasn't a mistake to use the Default Receive connector to receive email from the Internet. The configuration of the Receive Connector with the server's real FQDN is perfectly valid and would have no effect on your email being blocked or not.
        Exchange has two configurations for SMTP, one for inbound and one for outbound. They can, and it is perfectly valid to have different FQDN values on those connections.

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