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Missing Messages Outlook 2010 Exchange 2007

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  • Missing Messages Outlook 2010 Exchange 2007

    I'm running into a bizarre problem. My boss is using Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2007; this problem also occurred once last fall when he was using Outlook 2007. Messages that he claims to not have deleted disappeared from his Inbox and Sent Items. At the time, I had just started and my predecessor wasn't backing up Exchange! But this second time I was able to stop services and go back to an EDB from 4 days ago to retrieve messages from his inbox. It was weird though - when I first connected back to the newer EDB after making a PST backup from his entire mail account, all the messages that were moved from the old EDB to the PST were missing, and I almost had a heart attack. Throwing a hail mary pass, I removed his email account from Outlook, then re-added it, and Outlook synced his new OST file with the server, retrieving all the missing messages. So my hunch on this is that there's some kind of mailbox sync error, and by resetting the account, I observed that it forces the OST to resync his mailbox with the EDB.

    A second user is also complaining of missing messages from her Inbox and sent items, but she won't let me try the procedure on her account/machine, so I cannot get verification that this process is related, aside from the experience from last night. We only have 8 email linked to people and a couple of accounts for administrative duties, and our mail store size is less than 10gb for both the main EDB and the public folders.

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    Re: Missing Messages Outlook 2010 Exchange 2007

    Most of the times missing emails results from some kind of synchronization, mobile devices, POP3 or additional pst files comes into mind.

    At server side you can check if any managed folder policy is configured.