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Exchange 2010 Infrastructure

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  • Exchange 2010 Infrastructure

    Can anyone share their Exchange 2010 architure with me. I am looking for just the 100k foot view of a roughly 17,000 mailbox environment. I know there are a lot of different storage options and availability designes.. I am looking for a Highly Available probably 2 node cluster design.. Management doesn't think we can afford the 3 node no backup design but I would like to push for it.. backups are a pain...

    Our current Exchange 2007 environment is all physical, no virtual.

    3 Mailbox servers (6 servers) setup in a CCR cluster with a dedicated storage SAN on each side
    2 dedicated hub servers
    2 dedicated cas servers (1 also has a hub role)
    1 stand alone mailbox server for odd little tasks

    Any shared topologies and expieriences are appreciated.

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    Re: Exchange 2010 Infrastructure

    All in one site or distributed? If so, how?
    Exchange 2010 has replaced clustering with the far more effective DAG
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      Re: Exchange 2010 Infrastructure

      We have it broken into two physical sites.

      Site A
      Active Node of the three Mailbox clusters
      One Hub
      One Cas

      Site B
      Passive Node of the three mailbox clusters
      One Hub
      One Cas
      One stand alone mailbox server