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How to divide a multi-site Exchange 2010 Org in 1 domain - company is splitting

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  • How to divide a multi-site Exchange 2010 Org in 1 domain - company is splitting

    Hello all-

    First time posting on, but by far not new to the site - I've been referencing this site for years and rely on the contributing members here for accurate information, and having done so for the past few years, this site has saved my ass countless times!

    I'm currently managing a multi-site (5 separate geographical locations) Exchange 2010 Org and the company I work for is selling 3 of the sites - the end result will be 2 separate companies, 3 sites will be a single company and the other 2 sites will be their own single company. We're hoping to just cut ties from our other 2 sites and keep our existing AD/Exchange Organization intact. While i'm aware of the FSMO roles and work needed within AD, I'm wondering what affects this may have on Exchange and if our Exchange servers can still communicate with the 2 sites that we split from.

    That said, here are specific details of our environment:

    - What Operating System and Service Pack level are you using?

    Active Directory is in 2008 native mode and running on Server Enterprise 2008 SP2. (DCs are virtualized)

    Exchange 2010 is running on Server Enterprise 2008 SP2. (Exchange is virtualized)

    - Do you have current backups? Why not?

    Yes. We use both Windows Server Backup and Symantec BackupExec 2010, in addition to VMWare snapshots for good measure.

    - Network setup issues, DNS, IP addresses etc.

    No issues per se, but all 5 geographical locations are connected via a MPLS cloud and we are all able to communicate/replicate just fine.

    Once the split happens, my new company with 3 sites will still be connected via a MPLS cloud. The other company with 2 sites will also remain connected via a point-to-point T1 or some other variant.

    I have a few questions that i'm wondering about and after searching google with various search strings, I haven't been able to find any information. This seems to be a rare situation, but i'm sure companies with Exchange 2k7/2k10 have split before and have had to deal with this.

    -Can we treat the separation like a disaster scenario, as in cut the MPLS network to those 2 sites and pretend the other 2 sites got wiped off the face of the planet?

    -Aside from cleaning up replication traffic and removing the other 2 sites from our public folder replication schedule and OAB distribution points, is there any other issues that we can expect to see?

    -Once the split happens, can the 2 separate companies still communicate with one another via email? I'm wondering if the 2 exchange organizations that were once tied together, will fight with one another and reject mail from each other on the premises that they think the other exchange server is spoofing its identity?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this and could use some advice.

    Any ideas guys?!

    Many thanks for the folks who can shed some light on this!


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    Re: How to divide a single domain multi-site Exchange 2010 Org into 2 domains/exch or


    when you say the sites getting split then why they will be connected via point to point link.

    you need to decomm the servers adn the new company will rebuilt them from scratch with their own domain and ad forest.

    or their is something else to the story
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