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2 Exchange servers in 1 domain

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  • 2 Exchange servers in 1 domain

    Hi the company I work for has asked me to replace their existing server hardware and software. I will be moving from SBS 2003 Exchange 2003 to Server 2008 R2 standard with Exchange 2010. Both servers will be sharing the same public domain name as we are are transferring all of the current settings to the new server manually. If all users exist on both server A and server B and are identical, is it possible to have a message for any user delivered to both the old and new exchange servers at the same time? The reason I am asking is because I don't want users missing email because it was delivered to the new server and not the old one during the configuration and transition period.

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    Re: 2 Exchange servers in 1 domain

    Short answer.


    If you are migrating, then you can have multiple Exchange servers in the same Windows domain. That is a supported scenario and will allow you to migrate correctly. Exchange will deal with the email delivery.

    However if you are building a new Windows domain then you will have to find a way of managing delivery between the servers or use a big bang approach. Unless there is something wrong with the old domain, I would just build a replacement server in the existing domain and do a swing migration.

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      Re: 2 Exchange servers in 1 domain

      Thanks for the quick reply in answer to your question I was planning to add the new server to the existing domain and do the transfer of all needed data and settings then making the new server the primary DC and remove the old one after I make sure all the data was transferred to the new server correctly. Can you point me to a good step by step guide for migrating from exchange 2003 to 2010 that keeps things simple everything I have come across is complicated and I get lost quickly. This is my first exchange migration. My other question would be after I configure the new exchange since they both are set up to handel mail for the same domain using the same external DNS which server will new mail go to by default?, how can I control and change this after the new server is setup and ready to go?


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        Re: 2 Exchange servers in 1 domain

        this link will give you heaps of info about the swing migration simon suggested.

        Swing migration really is the best way to migrate your domain.

        with regards to which server will handle the incoming email, well, it depends on which one your firewall will point to. If they are both part of the same domain, they will know how to correctly route to each other.
        So the existing one would collect email for a while, and it would then send it either to the new server, or the old one dependent on where the target mailbox is.

        Then, once you're ready to remove the old one, then you change your firewall to point to the IP of the new one. It will the collect the email.

        In terms of how you change it, I'd need to know much more about your infrastructure.
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