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Exchange 2007 environment os disc defrag?

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  • Exchange 2007 environment os disc defrag?

    I inherited a 17'000 mailbox Exchange environment and I'm working on a maintenance plan for the servers and Exchange.

    Currently I'm working on the server side of things and am wanting to defrag the OS drives. We have CAS only, HUB only, CAS+HUB, stand alone mailbox, and CCR clustered mailbox servers.

    I've had good luck with defrag on CAS OS disc, bad luck with HUB OS disc, and haven't touched the mailbox servers yet.

    I have found and read all kinds of information on mailbox database defrag. I am not worried about that, these databases are not on local storage, they are on a SAN.

    I am looking for information on just running DiskDefragmenter on the OS drives. We have databases, logs, etc on seperate spindles.

    The HUB servers were severly fragmented and DiskDefragmenter did not do much. We have ForeFront running on them for AV and those files are severly fragmented.

    Just tryring to improve overall performance. Currently user performance is pretty good, our backup performance is not so good 50GB per hour.

    Any thoughts or success stories welcomed.


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    Re: Exchange 2007 environment os disc defrag?

    For the location of the OS and application, you can just defrag them in the usual way, using whatever tool you prefer to use. You will need to have space to do so - at least 10% if you want to see anything happen. Less than that and the process doesn't have the space to run.

    On the locations with logs and databases, there is nothing to be gained from a defrag due to the nature of the Exchange database.

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