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Restore entire Exchange 2007 DB from RSG

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  • Restore entire Exchange 2007 DB from RSG

    A disk failure occurred today and I have to restore an entire Exchange 2007 database. I have created the RSG and can see the users mailboxes but I cannot merge/copy because the DB they came from doesn't exist anymore.
    I can't seem to find any tech notes on how to restore an entire DB.

    On top of that the restored .edb file is 10 days old so I need to replay the logs which I have on tape. I'll get all the logs in one place and hope to replay them once I can get the entire db from tape.

    Can I just copy the .edb file over and then replay the logs and then try and mount it?

    Can anyone help or guide me to the relevant tech notes.

    Thank you

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    Re: Restore entire Exchange 2007 DB from RSG

    Why did you restore in to an RSG? If you lost the entire database then you could have just restored the database and then replayed the logs.
    Or are you using a dialtone restore method.

    Either way, I only have piece of advice I provide for DR/restores. Call Microsoft. They will sit you through it and will ensure that everything that needs to be done is.

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      Re: Restore entire Exchange 2007 DB from RSG

      OK, I figured how to restore the DB from tape but unfortunately it is 10 days old. I have the log files also on tape and I have placed a call with symantec as I can't restore them to a folder.

      When I do get the files I guess it's just a case of replaying them before I can backup the db as there are logfiles not committed from the 21st/22nd before the hard disk crashed.

      I have taken your advise and will log a call with MS for 199