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CCR With Single Node

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  • CCR With Single Node


    can i install Exchange 2007 CCR with only one node.

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    Re: CCR With Single Node

    And what would it replicate to?

    Basically, NO
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      Re: CCR With Single Node

      we have Exchange 2007 SCC and need to convert it to CCR, with out use any new hardware
      so our steps:
      1- remove the passive exchange SCC from cluster (Server2)
      2- uninstall Exchange of (server2)
      3- cerate new cluster for CCR (only one node at this situation server2 )
      4- install Exchange mailbox role as CCR
      5- move user mailbox for Active SCC to the Active CCR
      6- remote active SCC and add it to CCR cluster

      steps 1 to 3 completed successful
      but i fail at step 4 during install Mailbox role setup try to restart cluster then fail to get cluster online.
      i guess it fails because MNS file tech. which require odd number to vote
      and while i have one node and a MNS total are 2 vote means i need another node to vote

      my Q can i install Exchange 2007 CCR with one node
      even with any workaround to cluster


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        Re: CCR With Single Node

        Yes, you should be able to create a E2k7 CCR cluster with one node only.

        If I would be tasked with that I had chosen the same steps.

        Which error messages are logged in detail?

        Maybe it's enough to rename the server before building the new cluster (your step 3)


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          Re: CCR With Single Node


          i tried to the same steps but i did not run the command of MNS

          Cluster res “Majority Node Set” /priv MNSFileShare=\\servername\sharename

          and i get the same result , check attached

          any idea ??
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            Re: CCR With Single Node

            Any errors logged in the event log which could be more helpful then the setup message?


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              Re: CCR With Single Node

              Hi FischFra,

              thanks for replay ,please check attached system log

              someone told me the install CCR is not supported by design, if you have article for that post me please
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                Re: CCR With Single Node

                Sorry, to tell you that, but I don't have the time to read through all events.

                I guess it's the same with other people on this forum, so in order to help you you have to identify information we would need to help you.

                Look at system and application log and the Exchange setup log.


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                  Re: CCR With Single Node


                  exchange cluster installation success on windows 2008 with single node
                  thanks all and thanks FischFra