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Question about Global Address Book

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  • Question about Global Address Book

    Hello Team,

    How does Blobal Address Book work? is exchange store those addresses or does it pull off from AD?

    I have 07 FE and 03 BE. before I decommission 03 I want to make sure that I get all the Global Address Book transfer from 03 to 07.


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    Re: Question about Global Address Book

    The Global Address Book is a feature of the Active Directory, it comes in two forms - online and offline. Online is accessing global catalog servers, offline is the Offline Address book which is created in Exchange and downloaded by Outlook clients.

    Which form is used depends on the mode Outlook is working and the configuration. By default Outlook in cached mode will download the OAB and use this for address book lookups, Outlook can be configured to use GCs in cached mode as well, Outlook in online mode will always use GCs for address book lookups.

    If you have a OAB right now, you should migrate this as well.


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      Re: Question about Global Address Book

      you need to select which OAB it uses on the DB.