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  • Users not receiving some mail

    Hi All

    I'm new to Exchange 2010 and have installed it into our organisation having upgraded from (whisper it) 5.5

    All seems to be working OK but a user has said she has stopped receiving mail from a mailling list she is on.

    I remembered seeing this mail come into our SPAM Filter (sat in the DMZ) and I released it as safe but it never seemed to arrive. How can I check if our Exchange server recieved this and what it then did with the message.

    I have the AntiSpam feature turned on in the Organisation Configuration => Hub Transport which brings me on to another question. Could one of the policies in here have blocked it? and if so what would it do with it?

    In the content filtering you can set a email address to send mail above a certain threshold. But what happens if a mail is stopped by one of the other policies such as sender reputation it doesn't. Sender Filtering has the option to stamp message with blocked sender and continue processing. What does this actually do.

    Finally I have some providers in the IP Block list section, what happens to mails that get caught with this policy. I see there is an Error Message button but where does the message in here get sent to.

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    Re: Users not receiving some mail

    If you are using third party blacklists, then the NDR will be sent back to the original recipient. There is a good chance that the server for the distribution list will be on one of those blacklists.
    That is the downside of using a blacklist provider - you are basically allowing someone else to decide what email you receive.

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      Re: Users not receiving some mail

      That's good to know. The Blacklist policy in the anti spam filter in my DMZ will hold the message and let me decide what to do with it. I think I'll just run with this one and turn the Exchange one off.

      thanks for your help