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2007SMTP ReceiveConnector Timeout : what is the best practice?

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  • 2007SMTP ReceiveConnector Timeout : what is the best practice?

    On an exchange 2007 server enterprise, I had regular timeouts on incoming emails with big attachments . I have increased the timeout from 00:10:00 (default ) to 00:15:00 then to 00:30:00 and now 00:45:00
    Each time it improves the size of attachments received before timeout.
    I see on the parameters that we can go up to 1 day. Can I increase without consequences?
    Is there any impact on performance, what are the best practices for that ?
    Thanks for any suggestion !

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    Re: 2007SMTP ReceiveConnector Timeout : what is the best practise?

    When you say large attachments, how large is large?
    I have clients that move 30mb attachments without touching the timeouts and it shouldn't be required. I would suspect that something else is getting in the way - a firewall, antispam or AV being the primary suspects.

    As for best practise? Not touching the timeout. I expect if you run the Best Practises tool from the toolbox it will flag it to you.

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