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Windows Defrag a Server Partition

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  • Windows Defrag a Server Partition

    Hi Guys,

    i have so much questions and projects that currently blow my mind.
    but to start with something "easy" lets try this one first.

    I have one 2008 server that does everything: AD/DNS/FILE/PRINT and EX2007.
    yeah I know its so far away from best practise and I already have that on target.

    To my question:
    Since there are alot of shared folders on this server and its running quite a long time now, I was wondering howto defrag the harddisk without blowing up the whole system and / or the Exchange databases that are all lying on C:

    I read about esutil to do Defrag of the Exchange Databases but im not so far to try that yet.

    My interest is towards all the Files within the Shared folders (also lying on C: )

    is there anything I have to "prepare" according to Exchange or other Services.

    or can I just start windows defrag on saturday late evening and hope its finished by monday morning ?

    Thanks for any advice.

    Kind regards,
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    Re: Windows Defrag a Server Partition

    How much space is on the drive? If you have less than 10% then a defrag isn't going to help much at all.

    Windows defrag should be safe, but if you are very paranoid then stop all Exchange services.

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      Re: Windows Defrag a Server Partition

      Hi Simon,

      thanks for your reply and sorry that I didnt answer ealier.

      I'm always paranoid when its going to my main windows server

      As I understand there is nothing to be aware of when doing defrag on the primary partition.

      Thanks alot and kind regards,