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Exchange 2007 Port 3937

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  • Exchange 2007 Port 3937

    I was having problems with slow internet connection so I was looking at my sonicwall report and viewing the bandwidth usage by services and noticed TCp Port 3937 was highest for first 5 minutes and it was from my Exchange server.

    I ran netstat -ano to see what process was using port 3937 and it turned out to be store.exe. I googled TCP port 3937 and Exchange 2007 and found nothing relevant. Anyone know what TCP port 3937 is and what it is being used for?

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    Re: Exchange 2007 Port 3937

    store.exe is the Information Store

    this article doesn't list your port specifically.

    however, if I remember correctly, I had a case recently where the store.exe process was taking port 1723, thus preventing RRAS from running correctly. THis suggests to me that the store.exe process probably takes dynamic, non-privileged ports at random.

    You could probably try rebooting and then you'd see a different port.
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