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Creating Hybrid Dynamic Distribution Lists

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  • Creating Hybrid Dynamic Distribution Lists


    First of all, we have an Active Directory domain-based environment with Exchange 2007. Moving on, we have query-based distribution lists that construct the DL based on location, department, etc.

    However, what we want to accomplish is somehow adding few more people to such a dynamic DL that don't meet those query requirements (exceptions), but they still need to be members of that DL. And it's impossible for us (due to AD structure/etc) to move the users within OUs to meet the dynamic query criteria. In an Exchange 2003 environment this was possible by combining static groups with dynamic groups-- such as: creating a static group which would have the dynamic list as a member and then we could still add members to the static one. This feature isn't possible anymore AFAIK in Exch 2007. Thus, we'd need "hybrid" distribution lists. Those handful of people that need to be added to a query-based dynamic list are supposed to be there for a long time (months-years).

    I'm looking forward hearing your opinions. Thanks.
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    Re: Creating Hybrid Dynamic Distribution Lists

    Dump dynamic distribution lists.
    I have never used them, and find they are a waste of time.
    With a correctly built distribution list structure, they are completely unnecessary. I have designed distribution list structures for sites with 1000s of users, where a user is added to one very low level group and they are a member of all relevant groups either at role, department, building, country, region or world level.
    If someone needs to be placed in to a group that is outside their usual scope, this is easily achieved because of the way the groups are constructed.
    Takes a little while to build, but the administration workload is minimal.

    I cannot remember if you can add dynamic groups to a static group as a member, which is the only other way that might work, because as I have stated, I don't use dynamic groups. I don't think I have created one for about six or seven years.

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