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Installation of Exchange 2007 after trying Exchange 2010

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  • Installation of Exchange 2007 after trying Exchange 2010

    Dear all,
    I've installed ms exchange 2010 120 days trial. It is working fine. Now, the board has decided to buy an exchange 2007 rather. Now, i need to install the new 2007 on another computer and pull down the 2010 we were using.
    I've tried to join the new computer to the existant 2010 machine. The problem i am facing now is that i can seem to be able to install the 2007. It saying "the exchange organisation does not support this version of exchange server". I guess it's because of the existant 2010 object in my active directory.
    Is there anyway of doing the installation without having to create the users one by one?


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    Re: Installation of xchange 2007 after trying exchange 2010

    Maybe you have read the little setup note saying if you install Exchange 2010 you can't install Exchange 2007 after this? This message is meant for real and that's why testing Exchange in a production environment is never a good idea.

    If you haven't a former Exchange version like 2000/2003 in your forest you can try to remove the Exchange organization using ADSI edit, but I have never done this nor do I have an idea if Microsoft will support this.

    But anyway, as far as I know you can only bye Exchange 2010 lizenzes right now and really if you are doing Exchange from the scratch 2010 is the way to go.


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      Re: Installation of Exchange 2007 after trying Exchange 2010

      The only supported method round this is one of two:

      1. Implement Exchange 2010
      2. Build a new forest.

      As already pointed out, you cannot purchase Exchange 2007 any longer, therefore someone is either selling you an old product (three years old) or the licence is coming from a dubious source.

      I wouldn't even consider a fresh deployment of Exchange 2007 now.

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        Re: Installation of Exchange 2007 after trying Exchange 2010


        Moreover schema has been modified to Exchange 2010, One way but I would suggest you but do test it in test env...........Forest wide Restore using system state backup [sounds scary]

        Other opition is already suggested by Sembee
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          Re: Installation of Exchange 2007 after trying Exchange 2010

          Thanks for all.
          I had a backup of the system state before deplying 2010. I've just restore it and then install the 2007.