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Outlook/Exchange Calendaring problem

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  • Outlook/Exchange Calendaring problem

    Hi guys,

    This is my first post on this forum. We are having problem with Outlook calendars not updating quick enough. Below is the scenario of our environment.

    -Exchange Server 2007 is in hosted environment in different domain then Domain Controllers (For eg: ABC domain for DC's and XYZ domain for Exchange)
    -Exchange has got nearly 1000 mailboxes including users mailboxes and meeting rooms
    -Reception is able to book meeting rooms for users

    So the problem is when reception books the meeting room for someone at specific time and date the changes are not updated fast enough on receptions calendar or users calendar. By fast enough I mean not even after 30 mins.

    As a workaround we IT guys have to remove Outlook 2007 from cached mode and put it into Online mode. This seemed to work until now but this is also not working now and users are not able to see up to date calendar entries. So we are at the point where we need more information about why it's happening and possible solutions.

    Please advise.