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connection Microsoft Entrourage 2008 to exchange

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  • connection Microsoft Entrourage 2008 to exchange

    I hope to find someone that have an idea what is wrong here.
    I have SBS 2008 running Exchange 2007 all outlook client working fine not problem also the OWA interface working great for everyone.
    Now I have this Mac user that running Entrouage 2008, so im try to setup the account did all the setting correctly and was able to verifed the account under the verifed test. then im try send and recieve it bliking on the side of the account not connected it flashing caple of time and then it gone nothing happen, click again same thing flashing not connected and then quite. I have try almost anything I could find online but nothing help stating with changing the name of the server to ip address, install webdav and etc... nothing seems to help. Im sure it veried the account since it will give me an err message if I use wrong password or username. Hope someone can help

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    Re: connection Microsoft Entrourage 2008 to exchange

    Entourage 2008 uses WebDav. Exchange 2007 uses EWS. You need to update the client to Outlook 2011. Or a client that supports Exchange Web Services.