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Cannot Access Disabled Account that has been re-enabled

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  • Cannot Access Disabled Account that has been re-enabled

    I have disabled an AD account when a former employee had resigned, now a school administrator wants to look for an email in that account. I went an enabled that AD account and logged on to a machine but cannot access OWA. The error messages says the account is disabled and it is not. Any Ideas?


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    Re: Cannot Access Disabled Account that has been re-enabled

    First post - I suggest that you read the rules to begin with, particularly about the subject line being relevant. I have corrected it for you - but "Exchange 2007" is not a very helpful subject line.

    Disabled accounts are not active immediately. Due to the way Exchange caches permissions and account status it can be two hours or more before an account that has been disabled is enabled again.

    If someone is accessing the account by logging in directly (rather than being granted full mailbox access) then this is the cause of the problem that you are seeing. For that reason I never disable accounts, I simply change the password. If someone else requires access then they are given the permissions on their same account, so the account being access cannot be abused.

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