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Classifications and RMS

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  • Classifications and RMS

    Hi, Does anybody know how you can use message classifications and rms templates together? I've looked around on the net (possibly not well enough) but can't find a way of doing it unless you want to buy something to assist in that process. Are there any attributes that can be extended in to the classification that will select the appropriate RMS template ? I'm assuming the two names would need to be the same to reduce any user confusion etc. Any pointers would be much appreciated Thanks Will

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    Re: Classifications and RMS

    Just found an article that explains how to use hub transport rules to assign a template, which I guess would be a good place to start But could anybody confirm my theory in that so long as I don't directly point the users to where the templates are for RMS then this would save any confusion for them on any permissions drop down? Providing that RMS is setup correctly then that should work?