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cdo.dll confusion

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  • cdo.dll confusion


    another post on cdo.dll, sorry but i cannot find my answer nowhere.

    setup : windows 2003 64 bits as bes server, windows 2008 r2 64 bits as exchange 2010 server, i've a meeting problem on blackberry, cannot receive the meeting mail, cannot answer accept or decline on blackberry. outlook 2007 receive it normally.

    Some post indicate wireless on for calendar need to be activate. it's ok

    Now cdo.dll...need to compare this dll file between both server and bes server need to be equal or higher than exchange one.

    i found it on bes server...but on exchange...nothing called cdo.dll. i search with *cdo.dll, cdo.dll. Hidden and protected files are visible, but nothing.

    Thanks a lot, Merci beaucoup !

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    Re: cdo.dll confusion

    Sounds like you are reading instructions for Exchange 2003 etc, which uses the CDO and tells you to find the file to compare. As you have discovered, Exchange 2007/2010 doesn't use CDO - which is why you have that separate download for mapicdo from Microsoft.

    You need to find the installation for the MAPI CDO.

    The most common cause of what you are seeing is that the cdo.dll simply needs to be re-registered.

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      Re: cdo.dll confusion

      Let's step back a minute from the CDO issue. I think I know the BES knowledge base article you may be reading.

      You're talking about a Blackberry not being able to correctly handle a calendar appointment.
      Is it just this ONE blackberry that's reporting the problem? because if you have more than 1 blackberry, and it's only one that is demonstrating the issue, it's not likely the BES/Exchange side of things.

      one of my colleagues sent me something the thoer day about a why to try and deal with this.. somerthing about creating a calendar entry on the bb with just "n reset" as the content or soemthing like that

      i'll try and find it again shortly
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        Re: cdo.dll confusion

        this article:

        method 2
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