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Ex '07/OL '07/ XP Pro - Outlook keeps asking for password

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  • Ex '07/OL '07/ XP Pro - Outlook keeps asking for password

    I have found several issues similar to this but none match all the details and symptoms.

    The setup:
    Domain Controller: Server 2008
    Exchange Server: Server 2008 R2 64 bit
    Exchange 2007 64 bit (08.03.0137.000) Rollup 2 for SP3

    Affected client PC:
    XP Pro SP3
    Outlook 2007

    I don't have any of these issues with my mobile (both XP and 7) users nor with in office 7 Pro users.

    Upon starting Outlook, it will prompt for a password specifically from the Exchange server. Entering the correct password does nothing, hitting cancel makes the dialog box go away for a while, but sometimes returns. Occasionally Outlook will display "Need Password" in the lower right corner. Outlook will continue to send and receive e-mail properly. Here's were I'm completely baffled, in Outlook's Exchange profile settings Outlook Anywhere is selected and configured. That was not how Outlook was configured originally. This is a workstation, it never leaves the local network. If I de-select Outlook Anywhere and restart Outlook, it just reverts to using Outlook Anywhere. The only time I was able to make the messages go away was when Outlook was started in Safe Mode by accident.

    I believe the Outlook Anywhere is the root of the issue, but I have a suspicion I may be missing something. Any help or insight would be awesome. Thanks.


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    Re: Ex '07/OL '07/ XP Pro - Outlook keeps asking for password

    If you have Outlook Anywhere enabled on the server, then all clients will be configured with those settings. It comes from autodiscover. Nothing you can do to stop that.
    However the settings that autodiscover configures are for Outlook Anywhere to only be used when it cannot connect using TCP, not all the time.

    The most likely cause of the password prompt is the autodiscover process itself. DNS lookups going where you aren't expecting it. You need to check what is being returned by autodiscover to see what the URLs are and then ensure the URLs resolve internally correctly.

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      Re: Ex '07/OL '07/ XP Pro - Outlook keeps asking for password


      Ok, that makes some more sense. However, why would the 7 Pro workstations not configure themselves to use Outlook Anywhere.

      I will look at my Autodiscover settings.

      Thank you.