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Sharing Room Mailbox Calendars 2010

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  • Sharing Room Mailbox Calendars 2010

    I have recently setup our Exchange 2010 server. This has two room mailboxes, what is the best way for me to share the room mailbox calendar for these two room mailboxes?. I have tried setting up manage full access through the control panel, but this gives the user full access to the mailboxes. I just want them to be able to view the calendars and to be able to make entries on to this.

    Is it also possible to force these Room Mailboxes to peoples outlook clients?.


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    Re: Sharing Room Mailbox Calendars 2010

    Use an account that has full mailbox access, open the mailbox for those rooms in Outlook and adjust the permissions in the usual way for a shared folder.

    Not really sure what you mean by force it in to Outlook. If a user wants to book a resource, then they should do that by selecting it as a resource through calendar.
    If you mean forcing it so it is present in Outlook as an additional folder etc, then that isn't really possible. Not in a way that is easy to manage anyway.

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