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New setup, need suggestions

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  • New setup, need suggestions

    I got approval to setup exchange in our oganization. We currently have 2 sites connected via VPN (sonicwall hardware).

    Breakdown of Sites:

    Site 1. 75 exchange users. 60 MB Fiber internet connection. Sonicwall 2400. IT staff is onsite here.

    Site 2. 75 exchange users. 5 MB Metro Ethernet internet connection. Sonicwall 2400mx.

    Single AD. There are about 10-15 additional remote mailboxes (salesmen). We also want to setup Ediscovery archiving and Blackberry express server.

    Alot of traffic goes across our VPN. VOIP, ERP via Terminal services.

    We were thinking a Front end server at Site 1, and a mailbox server at each site. This keeps users going to local server and hopefully keeps bandwidth accross VPN down. I haven't worked with exchange since 5.5 so I am looking for suggestions. Can we run Front end and backend for Site 1 on one physical box with Esxi?

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    Re: New setup, need suggestions

    I can tell you about ESXi...

    We run 35 mailbox,CAS and hub transport on ESX server without any problems.

    Mailbox role on 2 sites is OK in my opinion.


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      Re: New setup, need suggestions

      No such thing as a frontend server with Exchange 2007/2010.
      Your best option is probably to just have two Exchange servers with all of the roles in both sites. Unique URLs for both servers for OWA etc. Then users will access their local server rather than going across the WAN, even if remote.

      Put the same antispam and AV on both servers then both can be listed in the MX records. That will ensure that email is delivered even if the other server is down.

      If you haven't used Exchange since 5.5, you are in for a massive learning curve. Your best option might be to get a consultant in to setup the servers, and then get some knowledge transfer on management. The skills for setup are not used much in day to day admin.

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        Re: New setup, need suggestions

        just as a thought

        you talk about having a FE server(the new role is called CAS by the way, client-access-server) at the main site, but then having a mailbox server at each site

        this doesn't make sense to me.. if you were going to have the mbx role at the second site on it;s own server, why would you not run the CAS role on it too?

        (I know this is basically what simon pointed out, i'm just wandering if it COULD be done with the CAS at one site, and the mailbox at the other, and if ther is a reason to avoid it ? [namely, cas dragging the mbx data over the wan, just to send it back again]?)
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