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MAC email and Exchange

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  • MAC email and Exchange

    I am trying to get thunderbird or Entourage to work with my Exchange server. Neither work. I can get tehm to send using the SMTP but they will not recieve. What needs to be configured in order for this to work? It uses MAPI or POP3? I have them both setup on the server. The only way I can get them to work on recieveing was to add a recieve connector on exchange server. I have tried all sorts of ports with different types of authentication and no dice. I am using exchange 2007. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: MAC email and Exchange

    my understanding (limitd) is that entourage should use MAPI to connect.

    i also have a vague recollection of the fact that you may need public folders, which some exchange organisations will not have by default

    try that

    and this one:
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      Re: MAC email and Exchange

      My knowledge of Entourage is also very limited. It doesn't use MAPI though, it uses WebDAV to connect to Exchange or it can use POP/IMAP (NOT Recommended). Entourage is also due to be deprecated and replaced by Outlook in Office for Mac 2011. The link tehcamel provided should help though.

      Thunderbird is a POP3/IMAP only client AFAIK, so I wouldn't recommend it, as they are legacy protocols that should only be used as a last resort with Exchange. Entourage over WebDAV will give the best experience unless you upgrade to Office for Mac 2011.
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