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exchange hosting, privatize a mailbox, & multiple domain names

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  • exchange hosting, privatize a mailbox, & multiple domain names

    I'm working on a theory, and I was hoping that someone might steer my thoughts correctly, or guide me to more reading material about how to set this up.

    Theoretical situation: Say I was hosting web & other exchange services from my garage at home for family & friends... What features or options would I need to configure in Exchange to acheive the following scenarios below?

    --Scenario 1 --

    1.) I have a domain name "". I have an Active Directory DC, and an exchange box in the basic configuration, with that same domain name.
    2.) The users want "" as their e-mail addres, but they do not need to see, or have any kind of access to, any other customers on the Exchange box. Essentially, their mailbox is private, on to itself, as if it were their own organization. Features like ActiveSync, IMAP, POP, however, would still function if configured for such access.
    3.) Can this be done with 'private exchange stores'?

    -- Scenario 2 --

    1.) People would like to host their domain name through my garage-based hosting service. The company is still new, so I have 1 domain controller, and I have 1 Exchang server.
    2.) Can I host multiple domain names on 1 exchange server?
    3.) Is it possible to separate the companies such that Company A is private from Company B?
    4.) How could it be made so that each company authenticates using its own domain name, rather than the generic domain name on the DC?

    Any advice would be apprecaited.
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    Re: exchange hosting, privatize a mailbox, & multiple domain names

    1) should be acheivable through "hide from GAL" option for each user

    2) is no problem -- you can host multiple email domains and (with a bit of work) segregate address lists:
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      Re: exchange hosting, privatize a mailbox, & multiple domain names

      You should be aware of the licencing implications of this scenario.
      Standard Exchange licences are not valid for a hosted solution. You would have to sign an SPLA, and that requires you to pay for the licences monthly. All gets very complicated.

      For friends and family, do what I do - use Google Apps.

      Address List segregation is currently not supported on Exchange 2010, you would have to use the hosting mode. No GUI for hosting mode, as it is designed to be used with a control panel.

      In case you haven't noticed, I strongly discourage you from doing this.

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