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migrate 2003 public folders to exchange 2010

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  • migrate 2003 public folders to exchange 2010


    i am involved in a project that will migrate about 10k users from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010. We have successfully moved users using prepare move request and move-requests for the mailbox moves. To populate the users we are using admt 3.0
    The one hurdle we are running into is with Public Folders. These users are all users of provisioning outlook and have access to there own public folders but these folders are lieterally 160 Gig in size. My question is will the inter org migration tool be used with this much data and still keep the security intact since we will be migrating the sid history as well?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: migrate 2003 public folders to exchange 2010

    Is this an IntraOrg migration or InterOrg? If the former then you dont require the InterOrg tool as this is normally used for cross forest migrations. PFmigrate will do or you can even use Outlook to move the PF content and the DACL's will be intact.


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      Re: migrate 2003 public folders to exchange 2010

      The key information that is required here is whether it is cross forest or not. Only with that information can further reliable advice be given.

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