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User Changes?

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  • User Changes?

    Hi all,

    I have Exchange 2010 and am still very new to it. Here's a question... Suppose I have User A. That user leaves our organization and I am asked to remove their account from AD. I do so.

    Then suppose that User B is hired a week later to replace User A.

    How can I move all of User A's e-mails into User B's new account?



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    Re: User Changes?

    It dawns on me that one way I could do this would be by using the following method:
    1. Connect to Exchange via Outlook as User A
    2. Copy all mail contents to a PST
    3. Save the PST file
    4. Remove User A from AD
    5. When User B is hired, connect to their newly created account and import the PST file into their mailbox.

    That would work, but seems a tad tedious. Better, more efficient way?



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      Re: User Changes?

      Don't remove the account from AD.
      I always leave the accounts in place for at least six weeks. Hide them from the GAL if you don't want to see them in the address lists in Outlook.

      When the new user starts, give them access to the old account by granting their account Full Mailbox Access.

      I don't like giving someone the mailbox of another as their own mailbox. They are then given another's idea of a filing system which they may not like or find doesn't work.

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        Re: User Changes?

        Thanks, Simon! That's good advice.