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Error when importing psts into Exhchange 2010

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  • Error when importing psts into Exhchange 2010

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get round this?. I am trying to import users psts into exchange 2010 sp1. I can get so far into the import running the command.

    New-MailboxImportRequest -Mailbox "User Name" -FilePath \\mail-server\d$\outlook\user.pst

    I run the Get-MailboxImportRequest. It says its in progress, i can see the mailbox is filling up with data. But then it fails and in the event log i get the message.

    This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items that were specified for this move request.

    I know when moving mailboxes between exchange servers, there was an option on the GUI to set the bad item limit on the import, is there a command line that i have to include in the script to allow it to keep importing regardless of the corrupted items?.


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    Re: Error when importing psts into Exhchange 2010

    Did you look at the command set on Technet? That would answer your question.

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