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Can't reveive emails

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  • Can't reveive emails

    Hi all,
    here is my problem.
    I have a server that hosts an exchange server 2010.
    There was a general power faillure yesterday at night and all my servers went off.
    I've switched the mail server back on. Unfortunately, i can not reveive any email.
    When i checked the queue, emails are stuck there but there are not delivered to the mailboxes.
    Any idea what it can be?

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    Re: Can't reveive emails

    Check your gateway


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      Re: Can't reveive emails

      Thank for your reply.
      I've checked the gateway and it's ok.
      They emails are coming but stuck in submission. They are not been delivered into the mailboxes.


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        Re: Can't reveive emails

        Have all your exchange services started properly???


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          Re: Can't reveive emails

          if the inbound emails are being received, but stuck in queues and not delivering to the mailboxes, I'd look at the hub/transport server, and the mailbox server.
          I'd also do what wullie suggested - mainly, make sure all my exchange services are started, and there are no errors in the event logs.
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            Re: Can't reveive emails

            Thanks to all.
            I've check all exchange service and the transport service status was in "starting" mode.
            What i did was that, i've uninstalled the microsoft forefront and everything seems to be normal.
            But all the emails that were stuck in the queue were delivered as "File Quarantined" The original contents of this file have been replaced with this message becose of its characteristics. File name: "Body of Message" Malware name: 'Exceeded Realtime Timeout'.
            But now, we can send and received email successfully.