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User has no permission to send as himself in Outlook.

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  • User has no permission to send as himself in Outlook.


    Yesterday I encountered a strange problem. A user tried to "send as" from a different mailbox but got a "you do not have permission to send as this user" notification. To send as a different user I enabled the "From field" in Outlook to select the proper "From" address.

    The user has two mailboxes, his private and a shared mailbox. When Later when I wanted the user to send a mail as himself I selected his name from the addressbook in the from field and selected his personal account (and mail address). When I tried to send it it also gave me a "permission denied" dialog.

    When I disable the from field. Go to the person's personal mailbox and send a mail sends without a problem.

    The mail adress that successfully sends mail is the same I select from the addressbook in the from field.

    So basically, why can I send mail without the "from field" but not with the "from field" enabled and with the right mail user / account selected?

    I have tried:
    - Deleting the Outlook profile and make a new one.
    - Re-download the addressbook.
    - Check the even logs (empty)
    - Do a succesfull gpupdate
    - Check all login / AD / Exchange info.. all are working fine.

    - Windows Server 2003 / Exch. 2007
    - XP client running Outlook 2007

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    Re: User has no permission to send as himself in Outlook.

    it's because, even thoug you're trying to send azs the user itself, by selecting yourself from the GAL, you're effectively trying to send-as

    and you don't have send-as permission for yourself, if that makes sense?
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