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POP emails receiving in E2k7 - Configuration

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  • POP emails receiving in E2k7 - Configuration

    Dear Experts,

    I have Win 2k8 R2 domain and then on another server I have Win 2k8 installed with E2k7. The local emails in organization are working fine, we also have POP accounts for sending / receiving emails from outside world. Now recently I changed my ISP and now have real IP address. I now want to setup my E2k7 box to also receive POP emails, but I dont know how to perform this setup as I am very new to exchange environment. I seek experts help for this, please guide me for this task. Once my POP are configured in E2k7 box are my POP accounts for all users are still required on hosting site? Do they still need email boxes on external mail server like they have now ? I need to assign real IP on my exchange server ? if YES, then for Local LAN communication I need another NIC in my exchange server , is this correct?

    Other information is also I have ForeFront TMG 2010 running on another machine and all my users are having internet access through this firewall. I am giving this information because may be I also need to do some settings in Fore Front TMG so please let me know also that.

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    Re: POP emails receiving in E2k7 - Configuration

    If you mean with "to setup my E2k7 box to also receive POP emails" to change it that way that your Exchange box receives the mail instead of your former POP provider then you can go witht he following steps (not claiming that this is the full list or all details are included):
    - setup up your real world domain as a accepted domain in E2k7 if not done yet
    - give the former POP addresses to the people that should get the mails
    - register a MX record for your real world domain pointing to your static IP address
    - bind that static IP address to your TMG server
    - publish your E2k7 box through your TMG for sending/receiving SMTP
    - configure a receive connector in E2k7 to receive mails from anonymous
    - configure a send connector in E2k7

    If you are not familar with the tasks you should probably look for external help.