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Certificates Errors

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  • Certificates Errors

    I’ve Installed a new Certificate on My Clients exchange 2010 & 2007 servers…
    The Certificate is From Go daddy & Everything Seems to be In order…
    But When a Client Open There Outlook they get A Certificate Error Saying that The Certificate Is for a Different URL.
    From The Outside (Webmail) It’s the Correct Name But on The Inside The Name Of The Server is different…
    What Should Tell the Server To Publish For The Outlook Clients? & How Do I Do That?

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    Re: Certificates Errors

    What kind of certificate did you purchase?
    If it was a standard single name certificate then that is your problem. You should have purchased a SAN/UC multiple name certificate. That allows you to include the URLs that are required by Exchange.

    Furthermore you need to request and install the certificate through Exchange - the shell for Exchange 2007 and the wizard in Exchange 2010.

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