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OWA setup with two servers

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  • OWA setup with two servers

    I have two Exchange 2007 servers both with the Mailbox role installed. I have split user mailboxes over the two mailbox servers.

    If I make one of these servers a client access server responding to OWA requests will I be able to open mailboxes on both servers from OWA?

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    Re: OWA setup with two servers

    yes, this should work. the Client Access Server should know how to redirect the requests to the right MBX server.
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      Re: OWA setup with two servers

      Thanks for the reply.

      That is what I thought but I can't find any documentation to say for sure.


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        Re: OWA setup with two servers

        Hmm, what kind of documentation do you need to confirm this?

        Every other here would anwser the same, it should work and thats it.

        But as always it depends also on your network and AD configuration, so who knows without knowing your whole configuration.