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Exchange 2007 CCR Environment and Dynamic Disks

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  • Exchange 2007 CCR Environment and Dynamic Disks

    I am going to install Exchange 2007 in CCR (Cluster Continuous replication) environment on Server 2003 sp2 R2 using Microsoft Cluster Services. What I have read that MSCS does not support dynamic disks and cluster service cannot read disks that are dynamic, but in Exchange 2007 CCR scenario disks are not shared, meaning both cluster nodes have their own set of disks and not the part of the cluster resource. Will it be OK to convert my log and data disks to dynamic disks on both nodes so I can expand them by adding additional space? Microsoft (kb 237853) article talks about Symantec solution. I called Symantec and their answer was, “since the disk are not part of the cluster resource, I don’t have to use storage Foundation for windows (SFW) to convert disks into dynamic disk, this can be done by using windows disk management solution”, but he was not sure if the CCR replication is supported by converting basic disks to dynamic. Any definite answer will be a great help. Thanks

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    Re: Exchange 2007 CCR Environment and Dynamic Disks


    Please check this

    Question: If I'm using CCR, can I convert my disks to dynamic disk or do I have to stay with basic b/c of clustering?
    Answer: No, you must keep them as basic disks due to the limitations of clustering
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