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full access permission for all mailboxes

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  • full access permission for all mailboxes

    I have a user that needs to get in to other user mailboxes via OWA

    Followed this KB, but it only gave my user access to other mailboxes via Outlook.

    Does anybody know what is required for mailbox access via OWA

    Let's say user name "SeeAll" needs to access User1's mailbox.

    Seeall should be able to type https://EXCH2007/owa/[email protected]

    type his username/password (seeall/******) and see the content on user1's mailbox.


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    Re: full access permission for all mailboxes

    There is only one set of permissions.
    If you can open any mailboxes and see the content in the Outlook, then you should also be able to do that in OWA.
    The URL that you have entered should give access, as long as they are entering the correct credentials. Are you using forms based authentication?
    If the user logs in to their own mailbox first, does it work then?

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      Re: full access permission for all mailboxes

      yes forms based authentication is used.

      SeeAll user gets

      This mailbox cannot be opened. The mailbox may be located in a different forest from the Microsoft Exchange Client Access server. For access to the mailbox or for more information, contact technical support for your organization.

      when he attempts to access user1's mailbox via OWA, but has no problems looking at anyone's mailbox via outlook