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Migrate mailboxes to another domain

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  • Migrate mailboxes to another domain

    Just wonder if someone here knows how to solve this one:

    Suppose that we are 40 employees that creates another new company. We will install a brand new Active Directory with a Exchange 2010. But we need to migrate the mailboxes that still exists on the old companys Exchange 2007.
    What will be the fastest way to arrange this.? I can create new accounts in the new domain, thats no problem. But i need the mailboxes. In old Exchange there was a tool called Exmerge that could export mailboxes to pst files. Is there anything similar in the Exchange 2007? Or would it be any problems with userrights or so? Do i need to create a trust to achieve this?

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    Re: Migrate mailboxes to another domain

    Export them all to there own PST file, then reimport to the new domain.

    If you want to automate the process Backup Assist will allow you to backup your exchange via PST file fore each users. Or you could use Exmerge, PSTOuted or any other PST creation application.

    PS: Exmerge is still usable under 2007, here is a link

    Hope that Helps.

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      Re: Migrate mailboxes to another domain

      If you have a trust between two forests with two different exchange organisations, is it not possible to just move the mailbox between the exchange organisations ?
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        Re: Migrate mailboxes to another domain


        There is way you can access the mailboxes however you need to take care of other considerations as well. The technique is called external mailbox account where in users are in one forest and exchange is in another forest. The setup is not so straight forward.

        Otherwise as suggested by other knowledgable Techs around you can export/import the pst. You can also script it by using powershell export-mailbox cmdlet.
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          Re: Migrate mailboxes to another domain

          Hi all,
          Thanks for your help & advices. I think i will try the powershell option.